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Puerto RicoBienvenido: Invitado - Regístrate Aquí   Pueblo o Área: Select Region viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

Festival de Orquídeas

Día: viernes 12/03/2010 - domingo 14/03/2010
Coliseo Pedrín Zorrilla
Teléfono: 787-758-9981
San Juan, PR

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Un festival de la Sociedad Puertorriqueña de Orquidistas, donde se exhiben una gran variedad de coloridas orquídeas.

A festival, by the Puerto Rican Orchid Growers, showing a wide variety of colorful orchids.

Orchids are a type of flowering plant that is adored by everyone. Their flowers have such varied shapes, colors and sizes that there is always something everyone falls in love with.

If you want to see some real beauties, you can attend a local Orchid Show while you’re on the island. There are number of Orchid Societies here in Puerto Rico, and they each have an annual orchid show & sale, typically in the Spring.

The vendors at these shows are usually local growers, though most growers import plants from Hawaii. Occasionally, a society will invite an “off-island” grower to sell at their show. Considering that those outside sellers have to ship all their plants, pay airfare for their representatives, and put themselves up in a hotel, their prices are surprisingly competitive. Some of the best buys at these shows are from the out-of-town growers.

If you stop in at an orchid show, and you find a plant that you simply must have, you’ll be happy to know that the USDA allows the transport of orchids into the US mainland without any problem, since orchids are not grown in soil. So you buy an orchid today, and take it on the plane to enjoy in your own home!

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