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Vertical Solutions Helicopters

Número de identificación 004088
Vertical Solutions Helicopters / Planet Air
4th hangar north side Isla Grande Airport
San Juan, PR
787.944.3014 (Teléfono principal)
Categoría  Ecoturismo > Flightseeing
Vertical Solutions Helicopters / Planet Air

As our client you can always customize a flight that is right for you or you can leave it to us and we will plan your trip without boundaries. Our helicopters are ideal for the destination and purpose you have in mind.

Ready to view the world from the top?
VERTICAL SOLUTIONS invites you to get to know the “Island of Enchantment” from a whole new perspective. During our safe and adventurous helicopter tours you will get to know this precious island and its historical landmarks, beautiful coastlines, breathtaking canyons and amazing mountains as you have never seen before.

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