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¡Verano Náutico - Sailing! @ Club Náutico de San Juan!

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Club Náutico de San Juan
482 Fernandez Juncos Ave. Stop 9.5, Miramar
San Juan, PR 00907
787-722-0177 (Teléfono principal)

For kids to enjoy the sport of sailing and gain confidence, awareness, and a safety-first mentality while on a boat. Through this program, we hope to raise their level of enthusiasm for the sport by providing a venue where they can practice competitive or leisure sailing after the summer program. We strive to motivate students to continue their sailing practice throughout the school year and return in the summer with an even greater desire to practice the sport and take advanced lessons. Finally, we wish to see all these students participating in regattas held during the year.


All students must pass a swim qualification test during the first day of the program as a pre-requisite for the program. Students must be able to perform a 25 yard swim, float for 2 minutes, and then swim back. Students and their parents must also fill out a medical history form as well as a medical release form in case of emergencies.


Vest-style life preserver (as used on Jet-Skis)
Bathing Suit ( in case of girls, must be a single piece with shorts)
* Appropriate footwear (aquasocks recommended)
* Waterproof sun-block
* Change of clothes
* Towel
* Water Bottle (full)
* Sailing gloves (OPTIONAL)
* Sunglasses with Croakies (OPTIONAL)

For more information please contact:
José "Yoyo" Berrios (787) 722-0177 Ext. 6 (787) 667-9936
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