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Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders of the Future

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Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders of the Fut
Epcot - Future World
Orlando, FL 32830
United States
407-824-4321 (Teléfono principal)
Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders of the Future

Depart from Spaceship Earth to discover challenging games and engaging displays in an interactive play area for all ages.

The Ideas of Tomorrow – Today!
Disembark from your time travel experience where an emerging world of wonders awaits your arrival. At Project Tomorrow, stick around after your journey through Spaceship Earth reaches its conclusion and find a showcase introducing the latest in high-tech medicine, transportation, energy efficiency and more.

Step inside the interactive area intended for one and all—from kids short and small to adults big and tall—where you’re invited to build, create, compete and play with a series of exhibits that bring innovative ideas and brand new technologies to life.

There are several exciting ways you can play, with games and activities that include:

Body Builder – Assemble a digital human body during this 3-D interactive game that simulates the Siemens technology developed to perform remote surgeries.

Super Driver – Hit the road with a driving simulation video game that shows off the motor vehicle accident avoidance systems being developed by Siemens.

Innervision – Experience the future and take a peek at groundbreaking medical diagnostics in the home.

Power City – Discover how to responsibly go about managing power and energy within a growing city.

Plus, be sure to view a few digital images from the future you created while riding through Spaceship Earth—you can even email them to family and friends from one of many Project Tomorrow kiosks!

Guests Can Be: Any Height
Age Interest: All Ages
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