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Olympic Natatorium of San Juan

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Olympic Natatorium of San Juan
Parque Central
San Juan, PR
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. Total area of approximately [11,750 m2] three acres

. It has endless walls to reduce water movement

Indoor complex (covered structure)

. Capacity for 2,000 people

. The sports facility is reinforced concrete and steel structure of 90,000 square feet area.

. The complex design contemplates an open space in front of the parking lot, to the west side of the building. This area will be connected to the building with a lobby area, where the security quarters and sales box facilities will be located.

. The swimming and diving pools will be located in line, along the bleachers. Bleachers will be elevated eight feet above the pools.

. The pool follows the model of the Atlanta Olympic facility where was celebrated the 1996 Olympic Games.
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