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Mission: SPACE

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Mission: SPACE
Epcot - Future World
Orlando, FL 32830
United States
407-824-4321 (Teléfono principal)
Mission: SPACE

Experience authentic NASA-style training on this shuttle simulator. Journey to Mars with the more intense Orange Mission. Or, orbit the Earth with the less intense—but still exhilarating—Green Mission.

You’re Go for Launch!
Dodge meteorites, slingshot around the moon or enjoy a breathtaking flight path featuring views of our home planet.

What’s it like to be an astronaut? Find out aboard the newly relaunched Mission: SPACE!

Kick off your journey by choosing to feel the full force of an actual space launch and rocket to the Red Planet as part of the Orange Mission. Or you can opt for the brand-new—and less intense—orbit around Earth as part of the Green Mission.

Once you’ve made your choice, head to the Simulation Lab, which houses a 35-foot-tall gravity wheel like the kind NASA uses to simulate gravity in deep space, as well as a replica of a NASA Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV). Then, pass by Training Operations, a glass bullpen where ISTC mission-control personnel are hard at work, manning their control panels.

Before you board, you’ll prepare for your mission aboard the X-2 Deep Space Shuttle at the International Space Training Center (ISTC). Each member of your 4-cadet crew will assume an important role: navigator, pilot, commander or engineer. During your flight, cadets will be instructed to initiate a mission-critical sequence… so be prepared!

Finally, board your capsule, lower your harness and prepare for an extraordinary mission—one that takes you to space, without ever leaving Epcot.

Remember: your crew is counting on you to ensure a successful voyage and a safe trip home!

The Orange Mission
Hurtle through space on an out-of-this-world experience that’s perfect for thrill-seekers.

The Green Mission
Take flight on a family-friendly adventure that’s sure to excite.

Guests Must Be: 40in (102cm) or taller
Age Interest: Kids, Tweens, Teens, Adults
FastPass+ Offered
Thrill Level: Thrill Ride, Spinning, Dark
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