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Hurricane Georges - Luquillo, Puerto Rico - Sep. 21, 1998

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Hurricane Georges - Luquillo, Puerto Rico - Sep. 21, 1998

Hurricane Georges crossed the entire length of Puerto Rico on September 21, 1998. As the storm made landfall over the southeastern part of the island, I was able to intercept the northern eyewall in the town of Luquillo (the same location where I intercepted Hurricane Hugo nine years earlier). Although Georges had weakened significantly as it approached the Northeast Caribbean, the hurricane began to strengthen rapidly just before landfall in Puerto Rico. Georges was a Category Three with maximum sustained winds of 115mph and gusts between 130-140mph at landfall in Puerto Rico. Winds of 110mph with a peak gust of 130mph was recorded in Fajardo, very close to my location. The minimum central pressure at landfall in Puerto Rico was 968mb (28.59in).
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