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Democracy at Work in Rural Puerto Rico? Part 1

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Democracy at Work in Rural Puerto Rico? Part 1

Opening credits start with "Lamento Borincano" and the Puerto Rican national anthem to then describe the island as a [military] outpost of American democracy. This Federal program was part of the USA efforts to disguise the colonial status of Puerto Rico before the United Nations and the world.

The program presents some historical facts, but this is quickly halted when they say Puerto Rico cooperates to fight totalitarianism to honor our great nationals like Eugenio María de Hostos, who happens to be a pro-independence hero.

They further their insult by the pathetic use of their national instruments in a choreography designed for this footage. They go on describing the local agricultural economy and how USA tough them to grow better crops.

Ever seen a sugar cane worker wearing a tie while at work?
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