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Club Seabourne @ Culebra

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Club Seabourne
Culebra , PR
United States
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The place is Club Seabourne, where the Caribbean comes to a complete halt, allowing you to appreciate and absorb all its treasures. Stroll along pristine white sandy beaches, wrap yourself in cool Caribbean breezes, and sleep
to the tunes of the warm tropical nights... these are but a few of the elements that will help you disconnect from the rest of the world.

Paradise indeed. Nestled in the hillsides of Culebra Island --just a few miles from the most eastern tip of Puerto Rico-- lies Club Seabourne. An intimate Mini-Resort reflecting all things Caribbean. Simple. Unspoiled. Romantic. Eternal. It is a place specially designed for those looking to pull the plug from the ordinary. For those who want to hit the "restart" key of their soul.

More than just offering a taste of the Caribbean, Club Seabourne lets you live the Caribbean.

Discover the colors and flavors of Culebra Island or simply step onto your private deck and admire all that is yours; it's your choice.

We invite you to unplug from the daily grind and come visit us in the near future. Should you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call so we can help you make the necessary arrangements.

Get away. Get Lost. Get to Club Seabourne.

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