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Camp Robinson - summer camp Puerto Rico

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Robinson School
# 5 Nairn Street Condado
San Juan, PR 00907
787-999-4604 (Teléfono principal)
The Heart of Educational Excellence

For more than a century, Robinson School has provided an environment conducive to the optimum academic development of its students. Through a diversity of learning experiences, Robinson offers its students a solid foundation for their future academic and career pursuits. Our programs encourage the development of creative and integrated thinking and strive to develop an awareness of global affairs. As a result, many of our alumni have distinguished themselves as leaders in political, economic, and artistic fields.

We encourage you to give your child the opportunity to grow in a healthy, Christian environment, which recognizes and challenges his or her unique talents and abilities. At Robinson, your child will develop the intellectual and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in a global society.
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