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Accountabilities & IT, Inc.

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Accountabilities & IT, Inc.
1617 Ponce De León, Reparto de Diego
San Juan, PR 00926
787-758-4620 (Teléfono principal)
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Accountabilities & IT, Inc. is the preeminent and most innovative provider of high level financial, clerical, professional, and IT staffing, combining the best elements of direct hire, consulting, flexible staffing and project management.

We combine the network and resources of a team of staffing specialist with that of the partners of Torres-Llompart Sánchez-Ruiz, LLP. This allows us to bring together a pool of professionals ready to be placed in positions across all levels.

We at Accountabilities & IT, Inc. take the time to work with our customers and get to know their business and their culture before sending any resumes. We believe that finding the right fit can save a lot of money to our clients. Once we have the understanding of our clients needs, we then send the resume of the most qualified candidates.
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